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03 Sep 2016
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11 Essential Apps for City Travel

City break on the horizon? There’s an app for that. Quite a few actually, but we’ve narrowed down the list to 11 of the best ones worth downloading before you fly. Check out our pick of the bunch… XE.com If you’ve ever smugly wondered about how much money you’re saving on that beer in Budapest.. read more →

24 Mar 2016
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When is the Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro?

One of the most common questions we get asked by prospective Kilimanjaro trekkers is when is the best time to go? We are running a free web based talk to discuss this and everything else Kilimanjaro related next Wednesday, March 9th @ 7pm. To register for the webinar go to – https://earthsedge.wufoo. com/forms/q9skfy61ulx2d8/ Let’s be frank, you are probably.. read more →

La Gomera Adventure

In 1990, a giant lizard was discovered on La Gomera, the second-smallest and one of the most unspoilt of the Canary Islands, a 45-minute ferry ride west of Tenerife. The lizard, called Gallotia bravoana, lives on the cliff tops – you are unlikely to encounter him in the flesh. But he wriggles his way onto.. read more →

17 Feb 2016
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Things to do in Rome for under €100

From an audience with the Pope to mighty St. Peter’s Basilica, the stunning views from Janiculum Hill to the enchanting Fontana dell’Acqua Paola (where you’re allowed to touch the water), so much of Rome is free it seems almost mean spirited to look for more savings. But there are lots of things you’ll pay plenty.. read more →

11 Jun 2015
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Trudi’s Latest Adventure

The Northern Lights from MS Nordlys Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights voyage is the cruise with the views, but it all depends on the weather.   Last Friday’s eclipse was visible from MS Nordlys, for all of 15 seconds.   The bridge gives an in-cabin alert when the Northern Lights appear, on Friday night the first one came at.. read more →

08 Apr 2015
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California Dreamin’

Bernie Grace was chosen to go on a Travel Agents Fam trip to California to see the resorts and visit hotels in the area and below is her report, so please ring here if you would like any further holiday information on this lovely area. We have great contacts with the tourist boards to give.. read more →

23 Sep 2014
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Dreaming of Italy

At this time of year, my thoughts always turn to Italy, a beguiling, irresistible, sometimes exasperating, but always massively rewarding country, and my favourite holiday destination bar none. The joy of Italy is that no matter how many times you visit, there’s always somewhere different and wonderful to discover. Let’s start in late spring, and.. read more →

23 Jan 2014
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Roscrea Travel wins the WTC Worldchoice Award

At the recent Travel Centres Conference, Roscrea Travel won the World Travel Centre Award. However, although some of the staff members attended the workshops during the day they were unable to stay for the dinner during which the awards were presented and therefore did not collect their award on the night. Audrey Headon (WTC) travelled.. read more →

06 Dec 2013
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