The Honeymoon Gift List

– A bespoke and unique way to help you with the honeymoon of a lifetime!

The world is changing. Not only are more and more exotic and far flung destinations becoming reachable and affordable, but the way in which we choose to pay for our dream holiday has changed. Trends also show that many of us are getting married later in life – at a time when, generally speaking, we already possess many of the useful mundane household items such as towels, corkscrews, chopping boards and glasses which tend to be at the top of most wedding lists. To try and address this issue, Roscrea Travel has come up with a novel and intriguing solution and to date, we have had an excellent response, both from the lucky recipients and the friends and relatives who are buying the gift (after all – who enjoys buying a frying pan as a present?).

The honeymoon gift list idea is simplicity itself:

As the lucky couple, you book your honeymoon with Roscrea Travel and pay the appropriate deposit in line with our booking conditions.

Roscrea Travel then sets up your gift list (on request) and sends you a supply of gift list cards stating that the honeymoon list will be
held at Roscrea Travel (you then simply insert your unique gift list number on to the cards). You can dispatch these cards to as many
or as few of your friends and family as you feel appropriate.

What you can do with your gift list:

There are two options for your guests, cash contributions or gifts. Cash contributions allow your guests to decide the amount they gift you and this will be used towards paying the final balance.

However, as some people are uncomfortable gifting money, or you would prefer to personalise your gift list, you can add gifts in the form of experiences, excursions, boat trips, spa treatments, special romantic dining experiences with champagne as well as many other options.

You are not obliged to purchase any of the gifts that you put on the list and it is entirely possible to refund you the entire gifted amount for you to use as you wish. In fact, we actually advise that (unless there is something you would be very disappointed about if you could not do) you have the total amount refunded back to you and that you book which ever of the gifts you would like once you are on your honeymoon. The reason we suggest this is that it gives you more flexibility for you to choose when and what you do based on how you are feeling.

Top tips for making the most of your gift list:

      Make your gift list as unique as possible for your guests, and yourselves.
      Create some gifts that are personal to you both (though we would not be able to book these).
      The cash contribution option is always there for your guests if they would like to contribute to the overall cost of the honeymoon and not a gift.
      Add a lovely welcome message telling your guests where you are going, when the wedding is or any other information that you would like to add.
      Add at least one image of you and your fiancé for your guests to see. If possible add as many photos of you both, as well as photos with friends and family as you can.
      Add a selection of amazing experiences for your guests to buy.
      Let us know if you would like to book any of the gifts or if you would like the amount taken off the cost of your Honeymoon, enjoy the wedding day and have a relaxing honeymoon of a lifetime!

Booking your gifts:

If you would like us to book some, or all of the gifts before you leave then we are more than happy to do that for you as some can only be pre-booked.

All we ask is that you let us know before you depart and we will book these for you. We will not automatically pre-book any gifts as how the gifts are used varies and therefore we await confirmation of how each couple would like to use their gifts.

We do however generally find it is more beneficial to book them yourself when you get there as it allows you to have more flexibility depending on how you are feeling or the weather and you can sometimes receive a better price locally than pre-booking them in Ireland. Any meals or drinks bought as a gift cannot be pre-booked and must be organised with the hotel on arrival.

Please note that the prices we have are not always correct due to the varying exchange rate and these will be confirmed when you book them.